Wallsend Diggers Conical Shade Structure



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Wallsend Diggers

Outdoor Dining & Playground Area, Wallsend, NSW Australia

May 2015

Mehler F1 Nano 700 PVC architectural fabric (white)

Series of Conical Structures

Hot dipped galvanised


Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

An outdoor dining and playground area can be enhanced using a series of conical shade structures. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order, these tension membrane structures have provided Wallsend Diggers guests with a warm, dry and alfresco dining experience while their childrens play in the covered playground.

Located at Wallsend in Newcastle, this area experiences very hot conditions on occasions. An engineered tension membrane structure was required and will endure all weather events and last decades. Its innovative design allows the structure to be free standing from the existing building and has been added on to as the club’s growth progressed. The integrated guttering system has been designed for directed and streamline water runoff.

It’s three-dimensional design and steel columns combined with the highest quality architectural fabric has maximised Wallsend Diggers outdoor dining potential and provided their patrons with exceptional protection from the elements.  Shade To Order’s design has created that wow factor and certainly compliments the existing building.

The use of one continuous membrane skin although more complicated during installation, gives exceptionally higher weather and visual performance than attempting to link separate structures together. The translucency of the fabric has allowed for the profusion of ambiant light, keeping lighting and electrical costs to a minimum.

These eye-catching conical structures have a 20-year warranty and are manufactured from the highest quality PVC fabric and hot dipped galvanised steel for ultra-corrosive protection.

This unique outdoor roof with the application of heaters, is keeping Wallsend Diggers clients warmer in the winter months, cooler in the summer months and dry all year round.