The Grand Pavillion



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The Grand Pavilion – Outdoor Dining Area

Terrigal, NSW Australia

March 2017

Serge Ferrari 702 PVC Architectural Fabric (White)

Triple Conical Shade Structure

Hot Dipped Galvanised


Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

An outdoor dining area can be transformed using a triple conical structure. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order, this tension membrane structure has provided the The Grand Pavilion’s customers with a warm, dry and stylish alfresco dining experience.

Coastally located a street back from the Terrigal Esplanade. One of our sturdy and engineered membrane structures was required and will endure severe weather and last decades. Its ingenious design allows the structure to be attached to the existing building allowing complete rain coverage. A guttering system has also been integrated onto the structure for easy drainage of rainwater.

The cohesion between the three-dimensional design, steel columns, compression beams and the architectural fabric has not only produced an outdoor dining area with excellent weather protection but has also created an iconic look for the existing building.

The use of one continuous membrane skin although more complicated during installation, gives remarkably higher weather and visual performance than attempting to link separate structures together. The translucency of the fabric has still allowed for a profusion of natural light, keeping lighting and electrical costs to a minimum.

This stunning shade sail structure has a 20-year warranty and is manufactured from the highest quality PVC fabric and hot dipped galvanised steel for ultra-corrosive protection.

This outdoor awning with the application of café style blinds and heaters, allows The Grand Pavilion’s patrons to stay comfortable in both hot or cold weather and keep dry all year round.