Residential Shade Sail – Maryland



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Residential – Maryland

Maryland, NSW Australia

December 2017

Mehler F1 Nano 700 PVC architectural fabric (white)

Barrel Vault Structure

Hot Dipped Galvanised, Powder Coated


Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Create a unique, protected and usable pool area with one of our waterproof barrel vault shade structures. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order, this shade structure has provided it thrilled owners with a safe and cool place for their grandchildren to spend hours of fun splashing around in the pool.

This robust tension membrane structure will tolerate severe weather and last decades. Its innovative design and positioning allow the structure to protect its owners from the sun and rain. The brief was that the shade sail needed to protect more than half of the pool from the midday to late afternoon sun. The use of sun study analysis played a critical part in the structures design and positioning.

The luminousness of the fabric allows the natural light to disperse through, creating a bright and open area.

This superb shade sail structure has a 20-year warranty and is manufactured from the highest quality PVC fabric, hot dipped galvanised steel and powder coating for ultra-corrosive protection.

This outdoor alfresco awning is a magnificent investment to the vendors already opulent home and will keep them cooler and healthier in the summer months and dry all year round.