O’Donnell Street Reserve



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O’Donnell St Reserve, Waverly Council

Playground, North Bondi, NSW Australia

July 2016

Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 (Aniseed, Buttercup, Mandarin)

Three Structures – Centre Column Hypars

Hot Dipped Galvanised, Powder Coated

25m2,  25m2,  36m2

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

A children’s playground is not complete without a shade and weatherproof structure, they go hand in hand. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order, this series of three centre column hypar structures have provided parents with a safe, shaded and waterproof sanctuary for their children to play.

Coastally located 500m from the water’s edge at North Bondi this area receives high winds and rain. These engineered tension membrane structures are a necessity and will endure all weather events and last decades.  No compromise should be taken with shade structures, especially when there are children playing underneath.

Their three-dimensional design and steel columns combined with their eye catching architectural fabric has provided local families with outstanding protection from the elements. These structures have been architecturally designed with sun studies to allow for supreme shade and weather fortification. Shade To Order have worked closely with the playgrounds designers to ensure an exceptional end result.

The translucency of the fabric has still permitted an abundance of natural light while the children are playing, whilst still allowing 100% waterproof and UV protection. These stunning shade sail structures are manufactured from an architectural fabric (not woven shade cloth), hot dipped galvanised and industrial coated steel for ultra-corrosive protection.

The hypar shade structures when coupled with a fantastic playground create a colourful and happy place for residents and visitors to frequent in the outdoors. The shade sails promote a healthy environment for family and friends to stay warmer in the winter months, cooler in the summer months and dry all year round, a perfect excuse to embrace the outdoors with a picnic or BBQ.