Newcastle Airport



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Newcastle Airport – Covered Walkway

Williamtown, NSW Australia

February 2007

Serge Ferrari© 720 PVC Precontraint© (White)

Barrel Vault Shade Structure

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel, Powder Coated


Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Affectionately nicknamed “Dinosaur Bones”, this completely free-standing canopy was designed to give shade and weather protection to pedestrians, whilst allowing communication between families and loved ones on departure and arrival of aircraft. Other design factors included aesthetics, jet blast protection and site security.

The structure snakes its way around from the terminal building to the carpark some 270mtrs away.

Installation was carried out in twilight hours to minimise impact and disruption to the busy site.

One of our durable and engineered membrane structures was required and will tolerate severe weather, jet blasting and will last decades.

A relationship between the three-dimensional design, structural steel and the architectural fabric has produced a walkway with excellent weather protection. It has also formed an iconic look for Newcastle Airport.

The use of one continuous membrane skin although more complicated during installation, gives incredibly higher weather and aesthetic performance than attempting to link separate structures together. The translucency of the fabric has still allowed for an abundance of ambient light, keeping lighting costs to a minimum.

This innovative walkway allows Newcastle Airports clientele to stay dry and comfortable whilst embarking or disembarking the airport.