Belmont Carwash



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Easy Wash

Carwash Belmont, NSW Australia

June 2016

Serge Ferrari® 802 PVC Architectural Fabric (white)

Barrel Vault and Conical Structure

Hot Dipped Galvanised


Shade to Order

Shade to Order

Shade to Order

A carwash can be enhanced with one of our waterproof shade structures. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order, this tension membrane structure has provided Easy Wash Belmont’s customers with a shaded, dry and comfortable carwash experience.

Positioned not far from the lake on the Pacific Highway this area receives high winds and constant exhaust and vehicle fumes. One of our engineered, low maintenance shade structures was the answer. It will withstand cyclonic winds and sustain a significant amount of self-cleaning properties. Its innovative design allows the structure to be free standing and naturally drain. The high centre conical shape allows for fast water run off and hence improves the cleaning mechanism of the fabric.

The relationship between the three-dimensional design, steel columns, compression beams and the architectural fabric has created a functional outdoor washing area with excellent all-weather protection. It has also showcased the carwash to the high volume of traffic that bypasses the carwash every day.

The use of one continuous membrane skin although more complicated during installation, gives exceptionally higher weather and visual performance than attempting to link separate structures together. The translucency of the fabric has still allowed for an abundance of natural light while people are cleaning their cars, keeping lighting and electrical costs to a minimum for the carwash.

This superb shade sail structure has a 20-year warranty and is manufactured from the highest quality PVC fabric and hot dipped galvanised steel for ultra-corrosive protection. This was an important part of the brief, being that the structure would constantly be exposed to water and chemicals.

This outdoor car wash structure is ensuring that Easy Wash’s customers and staff are kept dry and shaded all year round. Keeping their cashflow steady and an eye-catching business presence from the high volume of traffic on the main road.