Shade Sails Sydney
About Shade To Order

Professionally designed shades bring that touch of sophistication and comfort to your commercial or residential property. At Shade To Order, we are all about crafting bespoke and solidly built shade structures that tick every checkbox of quality, comfort, and resplendency.

Our custom shade sails dot the landscape some of the world’s finest architectural masterpieces, providing much-needed cover from the elements and serving as an aesthetically pleasing building accessory.

In the last three decades, we’ve successfully designed, fabricated, and installed shades for well over 1000 consumers.  From hotels to universities, business buildings, playgrounds, resorts, shopping centers, and even cruise ships, our time-proven industry expertise affords us the ability to deploy shade solutions tailor-matched to the exact specifications of our clients.

  • Robust and eye-catching designs

Tough weather conditions require tougher shade solutions. That’s why we offer a broad range of shade structures fashioned from the highest quality material and engineered to perfection. Our detail-oriented fabrication process starts with designs conceptualized by one of the most creative design team in the industry.

Fabrication for us employs a time-proven technique that guarantees structural integrity even in the face of adverse weather conditions. For you, that translates to safe, attractive, and long-lasting solutions fitted to protect you from environmental hazards such as intense ultraviolet light.

  • A global brand with global solutions

Shade to Order has been in the business of manufacturing shade structures and solutions like fabric awnings, umbrellas and waterproof shades since 1979.

In that time, we’ve gone on to cultivate an enviable clientele list that includes some of the world’s top businesses domiciled in over five continents. From Australia to Japan, Holland, the United States, New Zealand, and the UAE, our dynamic solutions have correspondingly attended to the diverse needs of over 1000 esteemed customers.

  • Professionals you can trust

Asides from an A-list design team, Shade to Order is home to a stellar line up of industry professionals that includes design consultants, seasoned engineers, marketing professionals, and some of the best customer service representatives.

This level of proficiency and depth of expertise is what sets Shade To Order apart from your typical run-of-the-mill shade fabrication and installation company – we have a team that understands your needs, one that can deploy well-worthy solutions that fit these needs as part of our wholesome shade structure installation package.

“Shade to Order has been manufacturing shade sails since 1979.”

What we do

  • Installation of custom shade structures

Let the best hands in the business help you install your dream shade structure. Our expertise covers the fabrication of all components of the typical shade structure, including, shade sails, fabric awnings, umbrellas, and waterproof shades.

  • Maintenance services

Keep your shade structures looking perfect as they are meant to be by subscribing to our guaranteed-to-impress Shade to Order maintenance service.

  • Fabrication of accessory shade elements

Need a replacement shade sail, fabric awning, or umbrella. At a competitive price, we can custom fabricate your replacement shade part to a precise fit.